Author: jcrash75

3D trends move closely with the entertainment world, but here the focus is how they relate to motion design for 2017.


At 2016 is coming to a close, it’s appropriate to look back in order to look forward and see emerging trends for 2017.


This is a quick little 10-second animation illustrating Rich Koz’s Svengoolie first line ever on TV. I used DUIK to rig the character and After Effects to animate. (more…)

As things start to ramp up and get busy for the fall season and the X-mas rush starts, I’ve reached out to an up and coming animator I met a Half Rez 5 to help keep the content on this site fresh and on point. It’s my pleasure to introduce Laura Bluett. (more…)

The handcrafted kit is finally here. It slices, it’s dices, it’s a bunch of leftover assets cannibalized from old projects. It’s awesome.

Can these short snippets of writing wisdom make you think differently about your video script? Writing is one of the basic pillars of preproduction that established the foundation for the video. This is a collection of quotes and knowledge snippets touch on everything from story to theme and structure to approach. (more…)

I’ve enjoyed the long labor day weekend and I hope you all are too. Here’s a little reading that I was able to catch up on for August.  (more…)

Here’s a sneak peak at our first Attack Motion Pack. It’s an After Effects Handcrafted Kit and you can expect it in mid-September. (more…)

This is just a quick little process walk-thru on how they made the Stranger Things title design, not a tutorial!


I’m super excited to announce that starting in September I will be giving away an Attack Motion Pack filled with useful After Effects Presets, Projects, Files, and Artwork. (more…)