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Video cost: Let’s get down to brass tacks and talk about real numbers as it relates to real world project. This is pretty much the first thing I get asked by a prospect.  (more…)

As promised in part one of my Increase Video Views Guide, here a follow-up post with some actionable steps to level-up your YouTube & Facebook game.


A smart distribution method, SEO, and strategy can maximize the views of your video and help get you a big ROI. I’m talking about the nitty gritty DIY methods. The kind where you have to roll up your sleeves and do some tedious typing and filling out of forms. Pro-tip: get an intern to help you out. (more…)

As I mentioned in part 1: Pattern stories are narratives that cover a period of time or when multiple stories share a theme, structure or tone.

So now that you understand a bit about pattern stories let’s go over a bit of their anatomy. You’ll need this to understand how to connect the pattern to the message and deliver it with impact.  (more…)

Pattern stories are narratives that cover a period of time or when multiple stories share a theme, structure, or tone. Details may change from scene to scene, but the plot uses a repetitive pattern to give the story a rhythm and structural backbone. These kind of stories can be a great way to connect a message with drama, humor, and emotion.  (more…)

As I mentioned in Write A Video Brief part one, having a proper brief can help you save time and money when having production companies bid on your project. Part one covered some of the basic questions to get you started on writing a brief. This part will focus on some of the more in-depth questions that will jump-start the “discovery” phase and in some cases allow you to bypass it all together. (more…)

With a truckload of startups coming out of the woodworks, many are in the position of having never worked with video to promote or pitch the business, app, product or service. Write a video brief! It might seem like an intimidating task but a simple series of question will guide you through the process. (more…)