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I’ve enjoyed the long labor day weekend and I hope you all are too. Here’s a little reading that I was able to catch up on for August.

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Why Brand Storytelling Is the New Marketing: An Interview with Robert McKee

People are averse to bragging, the millennials tune out traditional advertising, your best chance is with a good story.


Branded Content vs. Pre-Roll Ads: Which Channel Is More Effective?

Branded content by a decent margin.


Watch a Century of Stop-Motion Animation in 3 Minutes

This a great super cut by Vugar Efendi.


Learn from Veteran Disney Animator Aaron Blaise

Creature Art Teacher for $199 a year is not bad deal


Disney’s first black animator looks back in the incisive doc ‘Floyd Norman: An Animated Life’

An Animated Life” is almost as much about how the feature animation process functions as it is about the artist himself.


Build a complex 3D sci-fi scene

Some great procedural tips on how to construct a fast sci-fi scene with paint displacement maps for entire city blocks.


How to create a wireframe look – C4D Tutorial.

More of a tip rather than a full tutorial. You can check wireframe in your render settings, another method is with hair material.