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Attack is an unrelenting force.
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Strength through concept and design.

Targeted Results

With most video companies you just get a video and getting people to watch it is your problem. Our approach is excellent visuals & story, with conversion and sales in mind, combined with smart marketing & SEO. Video is the perfect medium for targeting a specific audience and marketing goals. From branding and general awareness, driving website traffic, generating leads and sales, video can adapt to your brand’s needs and help target pain points.

Great Collaboration

After working with the best agencies in Chicago we know that communication is crucial to a successful video project. We ask lots of questions during the discovery phase. It’s a quick and easy way to figure out how to help you with your business problem.Because a one-size-fits-all approach just doesn’t work, and a video needs to have your voice for it to be authentic and trustworthy.

Beautiful Story

You need great work. We make it from scratch for a reason…patience and passion for the project make it awesome! When every aspect of the design suits the story, the viewability of your video will help you stand out from the crowd and make a real connection. A story that is crafted in a way that emotionally binds your audience to your message is our goal.



Jerry was a pleasure to work with and has a great eye for design. Was able to roll with the punches of a project that doubled in size/deliverables and met every challenge that came his way with a can-do attitude. Would definitely work with him again.

Suzie Moore, Creative Editor, Utopic

Jerry Nelson is a very talented rock solid animator. It’s a pleasure to work with him on projects. He is always is cool under pressure and delivers great results.

Marco Morales, Sound Designer, Leo Burnett Interactive

Jerry is a true professional – responsive and reliable; great at communicating; and is process driven while being creative (there are not many right/left brain people – Jerry’s one of them). I highly recommend working with him.

Jason Vargas, Principal, Burnham Park

I would work with Jerry again in a heartbeat. Jerry is a perfectionist and it shows in the work he produces. His animation skills are top notch and he always met our deadlines. His demeanor is very laid back which makes working with him incredibly easy. I will definitely look to Jerry for future projects!

Ryan Holt, Owner, No Limits Multimedia

I knew his work was outstanding based on his reel, so there was no surprise there. His quality personality and dedication to great design is what really boosts him to the top. I’m looking forward to working with him again in the near future.

Shanaé Paulus, Art Director Think Televisual

Even on those projects that last until the wee hours of the morning he stays positive and committed to quality of the final product. He is not afraid of having to learn new tools or techniques to reach a client or creatives desired result. I can wholeheartedly recommend him.

Kurt Lawson, Visual Artist, Le Generateur

Jerry Nelson is a talented and disciplined designer and animator. Creatively, he has a unique style that originates, in part, from his thorough knowledge of the tools of our trade. Work-wise, Jerry’s patient, and refreshingly ‘no-nonsense’; willing to see through whatever’s required, with a level of quality and efficiency that over-exceeds.

Ben Poster, Producer + Shooter / Director + Editor, Leo Burnett

Jerry has a masterful knowledge of motion graphics and animation, and the way he was able to take my abstract thoughts and create something from initial concept through completion was truly refreshing.

Mike Paulucci, Director, Alrojo Films



Concept & Design

Illustration & Asset Creation
Styleboards & Storyboards
2D Character Design
Logo Design


Motion Graphics

Broadcast & Film
Character Animation
You-tube Pre-roll
Explainer Videos
Product Demos

3D & Compositing

Logo Stings
Promos And IDs
2D & 3D VFX
Tracking & Roto


Broadcast Commerical
Short Documentary
Short Film
Music Video



It starts with a conversation. We want you to feel comfortable and know what to expect from working with us. We’ll walk you through the process and find out what your goals are, what’s the proper tone, and any guidelines for the project to make sure your video is on-brand. The outcome of the diagnostic phase is two parts: findings and recommendations.


We decide on the proper story device to uphold the tone while meeting the goals of the brief. Then we write, re-write, and write again, until we get it all down.This where we take complex ideas and explain them in a way that’s easy to understand. Find the core message and connect emotionally.


A good story starts with a solid foundation, pre-production is where we assemble the framework. Whether you need your napkin doodle turned into a outline or a script visualized into style frames, we can start you off on the right foot and keep your audience engaged and entertained.


Each project gives us the chance to think outside the box and push limits creatively and technically. We create custom assets ready-to-animate based on the approved style frames, then flesh-out the story into a full storyboard, pairing imagery with each scripted scene.


We finalize script, record voice talent, and bring the storyboard to life and make things move. We like to bring together new techniques and design, mixing between live action, organic animation, stop motion, and 2DFX.


Whether it ends as a broadcast spot on TV, on the web, or used internally, we’ll make sure it’s delivered with a proper color grade, voice-over, music, and sound design. We understand the importance of compression, encoding, marketing and good SEO. We make sure you get the most out of your video.

Advantages Of Using Motion Graphics Video To Promote Your Business

Video Conversion Rates

20% – 64% Increase

Value of a Video Minute

1.8 Million Words

Likely To Purchase

144% Increase

Search Engine Traffic

157% Increase


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