TWITCH – The Supernova Cup Storyboards

TWITCH – The Supernova Cup Storyboards is providing live coverage of a huge video game tournament called The Supernova Cup. This tournament features the world’s best DotA 2 players, and is basically Coachella for fans of the game. They will be running promos for their coverage as pre-roll ads on their streams, and needed design for the graphics on the promo. They were looking for a cool way of transitioning from footage of the tournament to a title Card that contains tune-in information. Since their demographic is hardcore gamers I used a light slash that echoed video game FX along with a treated clip of additional footage an a sliding transition pane. Arcana, a DoTA character with fire powers ties that into the theme of Supernova, is revealed by footage and it pulls back to the title card that uses bright colors to lead the eye around the screen.

Client: Twitch
Agency: School Of Motion
Role: Storyboard Designer
Skills: Photoshop


This work was created as a homework assignment for the Design Bootcamp course from School of Motion, Inc. All work is speculative and created for educational purposes. Photo images have been graciously provided by Shutterstock for use in the creation of course content and exercises. Visit them at