November 8, 2016No Comments

Svengoolie Character Animation

This is a quick little 10-second animation illustrating Rich Koz's Svengoolie first line ever on TV. I used DUIK to rig the character and After Effects to animate. Read more

October 21, 20162 Comments

Best Show Openers of 2016

Television season just started and we already have seen some stunning opening titles in 2016. Here are some ones that are at the top of our list.
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October 4, 20163 Comments

Choosing the Video Style that Best Fits Your Brand

You’ve made the decision to create a video for your marketing repertoire and are well on your way to engaging an audience like never before. Read more

September 21, 2016No Comments

Attack Motion Pack – Handcrafted Kit Vol.1 Out Now!

The handcrafted kit is finally here. It slices, it’s dices, it’s a bunch of leftover assets cannibalized from old projects. It’s awesome.
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August 30, 2016No Comments

Attack Motion Pack – Handcrafted Kit Teaser

Here's a sneak peak at our first Attack Motion Pack. It's an After Effects Handcrafted Kit and you can expect it in mid-September. Read more

August 19, 20161 Comment

Process Notes: Stranger Things Title Design

This is just a quick little process walk-thru on how they made the Stranger Things title design, not a tutorial!

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August 2, 20162 Comments

Client Guide: How Much Does Video Cost?

Video cost: Let’s get down to brass tacks and talk about real numbers as it relates to real world project. This is pretty much the first thing I get asked by a prospect.  Read more

July 27, 2016No Comments

Motion Graphics Industry – Links Round Up July 2016

Here's some motion graphics industry related readings that I've been checking out in July. You may dig these too. You can find me on Flipboard if you search for my Magazine Motion Attack. Quite a few of the links have been flipped there.

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October 15, 20142 Comments

Wiggles & Robbins “Life Drawing Stop-Motion”

Wiggles & Robbins came up with a great idea to advertise life drawing courses at The Book Club in London. Using photographed stills of the students’ sketches, warm-ups and works-in-progress, they crafted this stop motion video with outward-facing easels set up in a circle.

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© Jerry Nelson 2013 | Attack Motion Design is a company registered and licensed in Chicago, IL USA.