I mentioned Hive blockchain and NFTshowroom in my post on eco-friendly cryptoart galleries. The thing that I like about Hive and their blog platform is that they pay their user's with their cryptocurrency. So you can earn by posting, commenting, and upvoting content on their platform.

This platform rewards content creators and contributors that engage and further the conversation. Of course, the other thing that I like about it is that has a very low energy cost and carbon footprint because it uses DPOS which is energy efficient (like 99x more so than Bitcoin and Ethereum). Its servers are also in countries that use sustainable energy like solar and hydro.

The downside with Hive is that using it requires a few more steps than you normally would for Eth-based NFTs. And there are a few more moving parts within the blockchain that can cause some confusion. So I'm going to post a few links that will be helpful for beginners that explain what this is all about and an easy way to do financial transactions on the Hive blockchain.

There are three main parts to Hive blockchain. There's Hive token (or just Hive), Hive dollar, and Hive power. Hive (token) and Hive dollar are liquid cryptocurrencies and could be traded with other crypto. Hive Power is your influence on their blog platform. The more Hive Power you have the more valuable your vote is. Your Hive Token can be converted to Hive power and visa-versa. The catch is that powering up with Hive (token) to Hive Power is instant, but powering down from Hive Power to Hive (token) takes 13 days. It can feel a little that Simpson's episode where Homer can't buy anything with Itchy and Scratchy money.

No Itchy and Scratchy Money

But never fear, it does actually work and it helps Hive to be a bit more stable than some of the other wildly volatile crypto.

Relevant Hive Links

If you'd like to try out Hive on NFTShowroom and help me out as well you can use my referral link: https://nftshowroom.com/?r=jcrash

This article talks about the ins-and-outs of Hive blockchain and how exactly it gets used and why would you want to use Hive. To me, the most important thing is that it rewards content creators and contributors.

What is Hive and How Does it Work? A beginner's Guide

Just like any other form of cryptocurrency you're going to need a digital wallet that holds it or in this case a digital keychain as well. You can use the digital keychain to login to any of the Hive blogs, to post, upvote and comment. You can also use the keychain to transfer funds. Transfer your hive token into Hive power or power down from high-power to Hive token. You can of course buy things with Hive Dollar.

Hive Wallet Explained: Beginner's Guide to Hive

How to Download, Install and Use the Hive Keychain Browser Extension

There are several other wallets for Hive and you can check here and see which one you like best: https://hive.io/wallets/

Buy and deposit HIVE via Bittrex

How to buy and sell HIVE tokens using the Ionomy exchange

How to purchase Hive through Blocktrades and Wazirx(18 pics)

In summary

My main interest in Hive blockchain of course is NFTs and NFTshowroom. You can check my review of NFTshowroom here. I will most likely make my Genesis drop on one of these eco-friendly blockchains. I've been accepted by NFTshowroom so that makes it the most likely candidate.

Ultimately there is a lot of tech that's involved to be able to sell tokenize digital art. It's a shame, to be honest. I wish a marketplace existed where it wasn't relying on cryptocurrency to purchase NFTs. Where it was a simple transparent process that didn't involve a lot of jumping through tech hoops... but we have to remember that this is all in its infancy. NFTs are really only four years old, they started in 2017. I think it's great that we're already at the stage where we can say that there are very efficient blockchains involved with making NFTs more eco-friendly.

I think as this industry evolves we will see start seeing and more efficient transactions and fewer risks and fees for collectors and artists. Hive already has the fees very very low and have allowed the democratization for entry-level NFT artists. It's a very exciting time to be a digital artist and finally be able to get paid what you're worth without translating your art to a different medium, it can just stay digital.