This is where the fun really begins for me with AI Art. Imagining a giant Shogun Warriors vs Elder Gods. Yes, please!

Midjourney AI makes it easy to visualize all your wacky ideas and satisfy your inner teen. I've seen this concept flirted with Pacific Rim, but it was Jaeger's, not Shoguns and Kaiju not Elder Things from the Outer Rim. Ever since I saw that I envisioned a kind of weird 70's throwback to Shogun Warriors Giant robot fighting some cosmic horrors. Midjourney didn't quite get it right, there were too many things going on. Too specific of a request, but it kinda got the vibe right. And as usual, AI should really only be used as a starting point or a mood board, not as a final product. My text prompt was simply: "giant robo shogun warrior fighting elder gods in outerspace, lovercraftian, hyper detailed, cinematic, octane render, 8k, by John Berkey" I love John Berkey, if you don't know who that is, do yourself a favor a look up his book cover, just gorgeous 70's-style space war opera. Lot's of heavy texture lines and almost impasto at times.