FORWARD MAJORITY -  Negative Ad Morgan Meyers

In this mini-case study, we delve into the creation and execution of a negative attack ad campaign for Forward Majority, a political group with a mission to challenge the influence of special interest groups in American politics. The ad targets Morgan Meyer, a Republican candidate, highlighting his alleged ties to big pharma and his perceived prioritization of special interests over the welfare of Texas voters.

The ad adopts a glitchy, tech-oriented aesthetic, incorporating elements reminiscent of health UI to underscore the connection between politics and public health. Utilizing black and white photos and footage overlaid with bold type, the ad aims to evoke a documentary-style narrative, revealing the obscured truths behind political alliances.

The tone of the ad is negative and dark, designed to resonate with the target audience of Texan voters. Through powerful imagery and messaging, the ad exposes the detrimental impact of political greed and the exploitation of power. 

The central message of the ad is to portray Morgan Meyer as a politician beholden to big pharma, symbolizing a larger narrative of politicians prioritizing special interests over the needs of everyday Texans. The ad emphasizes themes of greed, corruption, and betrayal, positioning Meyer as a figure who has "sold out" to powerful entities at the expense of the community.

With a tight timeline of a week and a half, the ad needed to be modular, allowing for easy adaptation and swapping of content as it was going to rolled out and applied to 10 other videos. This modular design enables Forward Majority to efficiently deploy variations of the ad across different platforms and audiences while maintaining consistency in messaging and impact. We leaned heavily on After Effects and used pre-comps and transitions to keep it modular and easy to swap out content in a pre-framed placeholder. The only thing that needed to be adjusted by the Forward Majority team was certain photo sizes and text.

Through strategic visual direction, targeted messaging, and modular design, the negative attack ad created for Forward Majority effectively exposes the alleged connections between Morgan Meyer and big pharma, resonating with Texas voters and amplifying the urgency of addressing political corruption and special interest influence in the state.

Client: Forward Majority
Agency: Creative Circle
Role: Art Direction, Design, Motion Graphics Animation, Sound, Edit
Skills: After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator
Additional Credits: Brian Herman Creative Director


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