Priority Health – “ What's Your Priority ”

These engaging :30s broadcast spots for Priority Health showcase the company's commitment to personalized healthcare solutions in a concise and relatable manner.

In the first spot, we witness a heartwarming scene of a father watching his fearless daughter skate at a local park. Through motion graphics and compositing, viewers see him rely on Priority Health's wide network of specialists, seamlessly demonstrated as he checks the Priority Health app for nearby doctors.

The second spot introduces Ken, a determined senior navigating various exercise classes. With support from his case manager, Ken explores different options until he finds his perfect fit, all while benefiting from Priority Health's personalized care plans and tailored benefits.


Both spots culminate with the tagline, "At Priority Health, your priority is our priority," reinforced by the company logo animation. These broadcast spots effectively highlight Priority Health's dedication to individualized care and the usefulness of their comprehensive healthcare solutions. 

In producing the Priority Health "What's Your Priority?" broadcast spots, we overcame the challenge of integrating on-screen app graphics without tracking dots or green screen. Using advanced techniques, we seamlessly embedded the graphics, enhancing the storytelling. We also reformatted the broadcast for social media, including a 1x1 format (showcased here), expanding the reach of Priority Health's message across digital platforms.

Client: Priority Health
Agency: Flavor / Cutters Studios
Role: Motion Graphics Animator / Compositor
Additional Credits: Yianni Frangos Producer
Skills: After Effects, Photoshop, Mocha


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