SPRINT – 5s Spots “Framily”

These 5s broadcast spots were part of Sprint's high-energy "Framily" campaign. We worked on two NBA and two NASCAR spots, showcasing one example from each.

For the Sprint NBA spots, we received files from Optimus and had to make some significant changes. We removed a logo from the basketball, re-rendered the 3D element using Cinema 4D, adjusted the basketball timings, fixed the composite, edited the sound, and added new artwork to the phone. This national spot aired during half-time at the 2014 NBA All-Star game, reaching millions of viewers.

The NASCAR spot was built entirely from scratch. We brought the text to life with dynamic animations, giving it an unmistakable racing feel. We also fine-tuned the frame design for maximum impact. To amplify the excitement, the client requested beefed-up sound effects. We layered race car samples to create an intense NASCAR roar that added an extra punch.

These spots are short, straightforward, and cut straight to the chase. They capture the essence of the campaigns with their dynamic visuals and powerful audio.

Client: Sprint
Agency: Digitas LBI
Role: Animator, 3D Fix, Composite, Sound design (on NASCAR)
Additional Credits: Optimus for original 3D model and composite
Software: After Effects, Cinema 4D, Reel Smart Motion Blur, Photoshop, Illustrator


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