Sprint was launching an ad campaign to promote its “Unlimited Data” plans. They were looking for some art direction ideas for the campaign that could be customizable for different offers. It needed to be on-brand and feel like Sprint and they were leaning toward a mash-up of lifestyle imagery and graphics. They were looking for a fun, modern, and possibly an edgy style. The first mood board put an emphasis on the “Unlimited Data” concept as well allowing for ideas about fun and being connected to your friends. From there the thought evolved to the second mood board which was all about living in the wild, going everywhere you want to go and not being limited. It was a more natural and in-world response and something to contrast the first board against. High speed and movement were the main ideas behind the third board. The offer page was designed with heavy influence from the first mood board with a bit of movement from the third. The contrast between techy connected graphics and lifestyle photography with a little dash of grit was ultimately a solid solution for this brief.

Client: Sprint
Agency: School Of Motion
Role: Art Director, Designer
Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator


This work was created as a homework assignment for the Design Bootcamp course from School of Motion, Inc. All work is speculative and created for educational purposes. Photo images have been graciously provided by Shutterstock for use in the creation of course content and exercises. Visit them at shutterstock.com.


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