Today’s digital marketplace has changed the way that businesses interact with their clients, with the most successful firms reaching their clients on the platforms they have come to love. Of all the ways that businesses are reaching their clients, one of the most impactful is by leveraging videos to create meaningful experiences for their audience.

We help our clients deliver meaningful experiences, but we have just had an experience that means a great deal to us. We are proud to share that we have been named one of the top video production companies in Chicago, specifically being named an industry leader.

This tip of the hat comes to us courtesy of Clutch, the premier ratings and reviews platform for B2B service providers. After being put through a gauntlet with more than 200 of the top studios in Chicago, we were ranked seventh overall.

Clutch uses in-depth research to evaluate the grit of different service providers, with considerations being made for marketing presence, quality of work, and most importantly, client reviews. We hold a rating of five stars on the platform, with our clients sharing things like,

“Jerry really gets it. I could roughly describe an idea with a storyboard and he would create it not only exactly the way I wanted it but better. It’s amazing to work with someone like that.”

Although our base of client reviews is small at the moment, we are looking forward to seeing what else our clients have to say about us.

Client feedback is the best way for us to understand our strengths and weaknesses, and we plan to use these reviews to build ourselves into a better team.

Attack studios freelancer motion graphic design in Chicago

Attack studios freelancer motion graphic design in Chicago

In addition to our presence on Clutch, we have been featured on The Manifest as one of the top video production services in Chicago. The Manifest, a sister-site to Clutch, aims to help all manner of businesses with a vast array of unique industry challenges.

Our being featured on both Clutch and The Manifest helps cement our reputation as a top partner to firms looking to improve their client outreach. And to further our reputation, we have decided to be listed on Visual Objects, a space for agencies and other creative teams to showcase their work.

We hope that our enhanced digital presence will help others to see the value in quality video production and that they will trust us with their stories.

Getting featured as a Chicago Clutch Leader for 2019 is a big deal for us as the motion design industry is very competitive. The landscape for B2B video in Chicago is even more so.  This recognition can give us an edge and help us win new clients.

We feel we have a unique point of view and distinct aesthetic, but we understand that there are plenty of Chicago production companies to choose from. Our service is hyper-personalized and we are fortunate to able to offer direct communication from client to creative without playing the game of design telephone. I came from a bigger company. There's a lot of bloats. There's a lot of middle management. It all gets factored into the cost.

When you talk to someone, they have to talk to someone, and they talk to someone. It's a telephone game. Then the person who is actually doing the work finally hears it. And if they have a question it has to go back up the chain. It's not an efficient communication style.

Right now, you're just talking to the guy that's going to do the work with a very small team. If that appeals to you, let's work together!

When you can have a site like Clutch gather reviews and testimonials that are truly vetted and in-depth, it helps puts clients at ease. Anything that can make that decision process easier and quicker helps us and the client.