A few weeks ago, Attack Studios was on vVerge's list of  Best Graphic Design Studios in Chicago. vVerge is a platform that provides lists of top experts in your area. Whether you're looking for the best local lawyer, photographer, or animation studio, vVerge has a list for you.


We are absolutely honored to be nominated alongside these studios which produce phenomenal work, like Concentric Design, Pivot Design, Motion Agency, Studio Malt, and more. We're always looking for ways to help our clients find the right fit, and this brought us one step closer.

Attack Studios makes animated stories with brains, guts, and hearts. They are an animation studio in Chicago with over 15 years of experience in motion graphics design and after-effects animation. They specialize in broadcast motion graphics, movie titles, openers, explainers, and concept art, emphasizing fun, high energy, and slick design.

Their experienced team of motion graphics designers, illustrators, and video editors uses a collaborative approach to build excitement for your brand. They understand that you know your industry and market the best, and they combine your insight with their motion graphics design and storytelling expertise.

Attack Studios understands your marketing and advertising needs and makes sure that your voice is heard. If you’re a challenger brand and want to become a significant market leader, it’s the place to go.

We feel we have a unique point of view and distinct aesthetic, but we understand that there are plenty of Chicago studios to choose from. Our service is hyper-personalized and we are fortunate to be able to offer direct communication from client to creative without playing the game of design telephone. I came from a bigger company. There is a lot of bloat to big agencies. There's a lot of middle management. It all gets factored into the cost. It slows down the schedule and there's a ton of time and money being wasted upfront on account of people and other job justifiers.

When you talk to someone, they have to talk to someone, and they talk to someone. It's a telephone game. Then the person who is actually doing the work finally hears it. And if they have a question it has to go back up the chain. It's not an efficient communication style.

Right now, you're reading the guy that's going to do the work with a very small team. If that appeals to you, let's work together!

Thank you once again to vVerge, and we hope to excel even further in the future.