This is a quick little 10-second animation illustrating Rich Koz's Svengoolie first line ever on TV. I used DUIK to rig the concept art character and After Effects to animate.

I was planning on releasing this on Halloween, but I had some client work come up so that took priority. Better late than never right?

A few notes, this was built from scratch more or less. However, I did recycle some arms and legs from a previous rig that I downloaded.

Credit goes to Matt Wilson for that. Cheers! If you ever want to learn about DUIK and rigging take a look at his channel on YouTube it's good stuff. Also the dungeon bricks and lamps I recreated from some Google searched images. So technically, not my design.

Svengoolie and his coffin are copyrighted by ME TVand Weigel Corporation. I think. If not, then, I'm sure Rich Koz's owns the copyright by now. Anyways,  I have no association w/ that or anything I'm just doing this for fun. Please don't sue.

I used Character Animation for the first time to lip sync the voice over. I turned off the preset rig, used a custom mouth set, scaled it up, and just rendered it out as a PNG sequence w/ an alpha.

The dungeon lamp was done with some shape layers, a couple of Wave Warps, Turbulent Displace, and a particular preset in the background.

I also posterized time a bit on the precomp as it was too wobbly otherwise. I'm making the After Effects project available for download for our newsletter subscribers if you want to pick it apart and see how I did certain things.

If you have any questions just comment on this post and I'll be sure to answer!

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