I'm happy to announce I've joined a collaboration with Prysm Studios. It's a non-exclusive agreement so that means I'll still be doing projects through Attack and I'll also be able to offer low-risk scale and on-site reviews for clients through Prysm. I like the freedom it offers while opening up some bigger and better opportunities.

I've always collaborated when needed but having a solid support system will be a great boon through the challenging times that lay ahead. I'll be able to help Prysm when needed, and they will be able to help me when I get a rush and to get those bigger projects that I've had to scramble for in the past.

They are located in the same complex as MK Films, which is in a sweet building in the far west-loop 548 N Sacramento Blvd, Chicago, IL 60612. MK Films does amazing motion control rig work, tabletop direction, and super high-end slow motion. I'm excited and looking forward to the collaboration.

The full announcement can be read on Reel Chicago