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13 Types of Movie Title Design Sequences

There is a range of different types of Movie Title Design Sequences, Opening Credits, and Intros that filmmakers and directors use in their projects. Each one has its own distinct reason for existence and the role that it plays in storytelling beyond just showcasing the credit. The art of the title sequence is really a lot of detective work figuring out the themes of the story and putting that into a framework or motif of imagery that makes sense and adds to the narrative without giving too much away.

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Attack Studios Recognized by Clutch as One of the Top Explainer Video Companies in Chicago 2021

Recently, we have been recognized by Clutch as one of the top explainer video companies in Chicago. Clutch is an established B2B reviews platform that helps firms across the globe connect with the top service providers that they need in order to improve effectiveness and increase productivity.

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Traffic Overview: Attack Studios May Report

In order to be fully transparent with my audience and trying to hit my traffic goals, I'm going to be doing a traffic overview of Attack Studios website. I got this tip to do this kind of post from Pat Flynn after reading his book Superfans


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After Effects Tips: Gradient Map to LUT

Working with all kinds of designers and illustrators, we sometimes get assets that aren't ideal for importing into After Effects. The client can get pretty mad when the look of the video doesn't match the look of the design boards. Gradient Maps are the common culprit. Here's how to convert a Gradient Map to LUT?

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Collaborative With Prysm Studios

I'm happy to announce I've joined a collaboration with Prysm Studios. It's a non-exclusive agreement so that means I'll still be doing projects through Attack and I'll also be able to offer low-risk scale and on-site reviews for clients through Prysm. I like the freedom it offers while opening up some bigger and better opportunities.

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Best Show Opener Title Designs

Television season just started and we already have seen some stunning opening title designs. Here are some title designs that are at the top of our list.  Read more

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Motion Graphics Industry – Links Round Up July

Here are some motion graphics industry-related readings that I've been checking out. You may dig these too. You can find me on Flipboard if you search for my Magazine Motion Attack. Quite a few of the motion graphics links have been flipped there.

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210% After Effects

Whoa, check this video out by Anders Hatte. Everything in this video was done in AE apparently even the music which was made using audio effects such as tone and modulation, key framed to create the drums and melody. No plugs-ins or 3rd party apps were used either. That's pretty dope, considering the beat isn't actually bad, and After Effects is not made for audio creation or sequencing.

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