Here are some motion graphics industry-related readings that I've been checking out. You may dig these too. You can find me on Flipboard if you search for my Magazine Motion Attack. Quite a few of the motion graphics links have been flipped there.

Is Prisma filter, the new lens flare?

Prisma turned a time-lapse of China into a beautiful animated movie.

Read more: Time Lapse Animated Movie of China

Moonbot & Gatorade team-up for Usain Bolt's Origin Story

Sweet character animation 3D in that flat modern style. The motion and seamless transitions are on point.

Take a look:  Usain Bolt's Origin Story Animation

Realistic joint bending: New technique by Disney Research

Pre-computing the centers of rotation is the key. The volume loss of LBS and bulging of DQS are reduced or gone.

Read more: Character Animation Technique

Fusion 8.2 is now Free

High-end compositing for fan-films just got affordable!

Read more: Download Fusion Now

How to read a Waveform Monitor

Very techy but an important read to get colors and exposures just right.

Read more: How to Read a Waveform monitor

Broadwell-E Review - Processor Power

Shopping for a new box? Consider these.

Read more: Intel Broadwell E-Review

Thanks and let me know what links you are reading in the comments section.


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