You’ve made the decision to create a video for your marketing repertoire and are well on your way to engaging an audience like never before.

It is easy to get caught up in all the excitement of the bells and whistles that computer graphics design has to offer, but it is important to make careful considerations when choosing the video style that best fits your brand.

Take a step back and look at the whole picture. What does your logo look like? What are the color schemes? What look and feel does your website and print collateral emanate? What voice does your social media and web content have? What is your demographic?

It is important that your video encapsulates your branding as it takes it to the next level, visually.

Choosing the Best Video Style

Flat Graphics Animation

flatstyle2 video style for video marketing in chicago

Flat graphics consist of clean, colorful, simple vector shapes that visually boils your imagery down to strong, basic ideas  - a less is more approach.  This style removes all three dimensional attributes, such as drop shadows and gradients making the image appear flat on the screen.

This design has regained popularity in recent years with prominent brands such as Apple and Google reverting their logos and attributes to flat design. By removing the bevels and shadows from their iconic designs, they were able to achieve a minimalist, yet eye catching concept.

It is an excellent choice for various video strategies. Is your messaging heavier on dialogue? A simpler visualization will perfectly pair with the audio, making it easy for your audience to digest the information. On the flip side, a light script allows for flat graphics to visually fill in the gaps.

Are your logo and branding simplistic? This approach will seamlessly integrate your existing creative assets, making your branding beautifully existent across all platforms.

Flat design also allows for slick, interesting transitions in the animation that have a chic, modern appeal. The visual fluidity is an excellent tool to keep the viewer interested and engaged in the message.

3D Animation

3d graphic desing example sprint

3D Animation, also referred to as CGI (computer generated imagery), is a three-dimensional visualization of objects and environments. This style allows for more complex and realistic images and is a great choice if you are aiming to showcase a realistic portrayal of a product.

3D animation also lends itself to more complex motion design, such as dynamic camera movements and special effects: water, fire, particles, etc.

Character Animation

Character animation gives a lively, cartoon like approach to telling your company’s story. When using the character animation approach, it is important to have a strong sense of who your characters are, which can be achieved by identifying your audience.

Are you marketing an app geared towards young professionals? Then your characters should reflect that demographic, allowing your consumers to identify with the brand.

Kinetic Typography and Infographics

Kinetic typography, or more simply “animated text,” takes your marketing message and visualizes it in a simple, but remarkably engaging and powerful way. This type of video is an excellent choice if your video is heavy in statistics, testimonials, and/or graphical information.

If you’re aiming to showcase numbers and growth, animated charts and text can be a perfect visualization for such complex information.

This style can also have a more corporate and serious tone, perfect for financial companies and other businesses for a sleek and clean presentation. It is also an excellent style to use for literal storytelling, such as a speech, quote, or a retelling of the company’s history.

The kinetic typography and infographics offer a one-two punch paired with the voice over for ultimate viewer engagement.


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