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Advertising Tips From Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This!

I've just finished reading Hey, Whipple, Squeeze This: The Classic Guide to Creating Great Ads, 5th Edition and thought I would pass along some quick tips on creating successful Ads from this book following some advertising tips for animation after effects. Successful video ads first grab our attention (with a surprise, something unusual, something funny, something weird, something shocking, a mystery) and then make us think.

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Help Us Help You: Giving Feedback For Video

Creating an animated video for your business takes a lot of creativity, collaboration, and communication. We want our clients to be satisfied and confident in our work every step of the way.

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Insights on Writing For Video

Can these short snippets of writing wisdom make you think differently about your video script? Writing for video is one of the basic pillars of preproduction that established the foundation for the video. This is a collection of quotes and knowledge snippets that touch on everything from story to theme and structure to approach. Read more

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Use Pattern Stories to Deliver an Emotional Commercial Campaign – A Basic Guide Part 1

Pattern stories are narratives that cover a period of time or when multiple stories share a theme, structure, or tone. Details may change from scene to scene, but the plot uses a repetitive pattern to give the story a rhythm and structural backbone. These kinds of stories can be a great way to connect a message with drama, humor, and emotion. Read more


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